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Psychic Attacks are Very Real and Very Dangerous

It is almost impossible to explain to another person what it feels like to be the target of a psychic attack. Mainly due to the fact that one is rarely able to effectively articulate the experience in a satisfactory manner - both conceptually and cognitively – even to oneself, let alone to anyone else whom you may wish to confide in, as you attempt to describe to another person your traumatised and tormented state of being while one is undergoing the horrors of a psychic attack. How does one even begin to explain that you feel as if an invisible vampire is draining the very life force out of you? However, when one is under psychic attack, it is an experience to be endured unlike any other after the battle has ended, and it is very much a real battle in the most brutal sense of the word. 

A psychic attack is comparable to no other experience one has ever been subjected to, and one which will never be forgotten. Yet, the vast majority of people in today's world who are under psychic attack often have no idea that they are being attacked in this manner to begin with. They simply just can't believe, nor can they even fully comprehend what is happening to them and why. Sometimes, they may indeed be aware of the source of the attack  – a malicious individual or group -  but yet still fail to understand how they are being energetically assaulted to the very core of their psyche, including every biological process within their physiology being ruthlessly corrupted and sabotaged.
During most cases of psychic attack, the majority of people being affected by the experience simply haven't the faintest idea what is being done to them, let alone by whom. Add to this that they are often oblivious to the reasons as to why they are under psychic attack in the first place. This is why I have come to believe that conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – which are often dismissed as nonsense or hypochondria by doctors and scientists – may well be caused by a psychic attack on the patient who is seeking help for their symptoms, and rather than dismiss these people as deluded or attention-seeking, medical and mental health professionals should come to see it as a cry for help from a person who is being brutally victimised.     

Many people who are undergoing psychic attacks come to believe that they are suffering from some form of elevated anxiety caused by an unknown trigger or event. In some cases, these people will seek out professional help from doctors, therapists and counsellors, but often to no avail. If they are then referred onto a psychiatrist for further evaluation, the unfortunate outcome is often being drugged with powerful (and potentially very dangerous) medications in an attempt to ease the sensation of their overwhelming vitality suffocation, along with a sensation of energy-zapping disconnection from oneself as a result of undefined trauma the target is experiencing. 

Still, even with medication, and coupled with some form of clichéd psychoanalysis, the sensations and the torment prevail and persist. The reason for this is that the psychic attack is coming from a location outside of oneself. Therefore, the root of the issue cannot be addressed within one's own psychology, neurology or physiology alone.   

Defending oneself from a psychic attack will also be futile if the target somehow manages to identify the source of the attack and from this makes the assumption that by sending a psychic attack back at the individual assaulting them, they can somehow protect themselves. Two wizards or 'druidesses' in psychic combat may sound terribly appealing and romantically gallant, except for the reality being that it is extremely foolish and dangerous to become involved with.  

Such notions come from popular ideas derived from the pages and moving imagery of the likes of Harry Potter and Disney. In reality, a good magician knows well that the most effective form of defence is to get out of the way of the rival magician's wand. You cannot defend yourself against a concentrated and powerful force of malicious and precisely targeted energy if you are still being hit due to the fact that you are still in the line of fire. 

Put simply, you have to run away and hide. As unglamorous and unheroic as this may seem, if you want to live, you have to retreat and go undercover. Honour, pride and infantile notions of revenge must go out the window when one is under psychic attack. 
A purely psychoanalytical, medical, or even a spiritual/New Age-type solution when dealing with a psychic attack by the target attempting to project or deflect the attack back to the source would be akin to a castle being under siege by a large catapult or trebuchet defending itself from bombardment by throwing a party or celebrating mass. In other words, it would be a self-deluding reaction. The boulders and projectiles will still come hurling in upon the castle no matter how drunken the troops inside the castle become, or how many times they are told God is on their side. They are not dealing with the reality of the situation; they are denying it.  

If, by some chance, the army under siege inside the castle realises that they are being bombarded by a machine in a nearby field which in turn is surrounded and defended by a large contingent of well-armed troops, then it would be equally pointless for the army inside the castle to defend itself by constructing a trebuchet of their own and firing projectiles back at the enemy with the same kind of machine. A large castle is a much easier target to hit than a relatively small machine in a field a few hundred metres away, if not impossible.  

Sending a friend or co-worker to confront the psychic attacker – or, worse still, for the target to engage in a virtual Internet confrontation (where the majority of psychic attacks now originate from) with the attacker - will only end in complete disaster, as the person under attack has neither the emotional or cognitive strength to do such a thing. The result would be the same as when castles under siege in the Middle Ages sent out raiding parties to attack the bombardment; the severed heads of the raiding party would be propelled back into the castle by the trebuchet in order to remind the troops garrisoned inside the castle that not only have they failed to end the bombardment, but the state of siege is now more grave as they troops inside now know the fate that awaits them, and also that they also have less numbers to defend the castle with. 

The psychic attacker (along with their cronies) – through either ridicule, clandestine accusation of your own mental instability/paranoia, or patronising condescension – will make the psychic attack much worse for you if you dare to try and play at their game.  

As I have pointed out time and time again with my other work into dealing with psychopaths and social mind control, the only way to win is to not enter into a death match in the first place, because that is precisely what you will get -  a death match - and you will be the one who is destroyed. 

This is not cowardice. This is a temporary isolation, away from the frontline towards developing a means of restoration and recovery. During this period of isolation, initially things will become far more bleak and you will feel despondent. You will feel as if you are going insane, as no end of crazy rationalisations, rumination, revenge fantasies, cognitive integration break-down and nightmares will be factors one will have to contend with. 

However, there is a means to an end. A person who has been through the horrors of a psychic attack needs to purge the implanted demons which the experience has gestated within their unseen poles of cognitive awareness. The first part of the consciousness insurgency campaign towards eventual liberation begins deep inside the subconscious.

As Carl Jung – who spoke from first-hand experience, having himself been subjected to a massive psychic attack from Sigmund Freud and his quislings within the vanguards of Freudian Orthodoxy - tells us: 'Isolation by a secret results as a rule in an animation of the psychic atmosphere, as a substitute for loss and contact with other people. It causes an activation of the unconscious, and this produces something similar to the illusions and hallucinations that beset lonely wanderers in the desert, seafarers, and saints... As a substitute for the normal animation of the environment, an illusory reality rises up in which weird ghostly shadows flit about in place of people.' 

At first, the reader can be forgiven for believing that this delusional state during isolation will only compound the overall trauma of the psychic attack. In reality, there are powerful emotional and creative forces at work which are realigning and reordering themselves within your own psyche and are attempting to develop an 'escape plan', if you will. A psychic attack is such an overwhelming and powerful bombardment of the targeted person, that any notion of a quick fix resolution of the matter has to be dismissed as soon as one is aware of the situation.  
One is born alone, one dies alone, and take it as fact that one goes through a psychic attack alone, and therefore survival is likewise a solitary process. A hermit's journey,  which when completed, will unleash torrents of creativity and inner strength you never knew you had. One undergoing a psychic attack does not charge into the heat of battle; they desert the battlefield altogether, and wander into the wilderness to become a hermit. For a while...   

I would also advise against joining 'support' or 'recovery' groups - either socially or on-line - which claim to provide respite from a psychic attack, as this is a dangerous and risky option. How does  one know the sincerity and honesty of the moderators? At worst, the group may well be a front operation for a cult, which are a form of on-going weaponised psychic attacks. At best, these groups often have a vested interest in the targeted or damaged person seeking help to end up eternally ruminating - along with others in the group - thereby creating a kind of victim's co-dependency – re-experiencing and compounding the trauma for perhaps years. 

This is not recovery at all. An entirely different approach is required to seek sanctuary and escape from a psychic attacker, and if achieved correctly, the results can often be a spectacular and creative recovery for the person who was being tormented and tortured while under psychic attack. 

You are living an otherwise ordinary and productive life and you begin to feel as if your energy is being sucked out of you, while at the same time you feel confused, frightened and unable to restore yourself back to normal mental and physical health. The world begins to feel somewhat alien to you. People seem less responsive to you, and much to your own dismay and guilt, you begin to feel the same towards them. The once large and expansive vista that had been your previous life begins to close in more tightly around you, and with this, along comes newly imposed limitations which previously did not exist.    

You then begin to feel physically poorly. Very poorly in fact. Pains arrive out of nowhere. Strange dreams and surreal and terrifying nightmares begin. Rashes appear on your body. The muscle tone in your face begins to lose its firmness. Hair growth stops, or the texture of your hair become much dryer. Fingernails are more brittle and bright lights become more harsh which sometimes cause headaches. There is a constant sensation of 'tugging' in your stomach. You begin to develop a mild form (at first) of agoraphobia, spending more of your time indoors than outside, even if you had lived a previously active lifestyle and enjoyed a good social life.
You find going to work increasingly more challenging and often one requires an alcoholic drink more and more, or a sleeping pill the Sunday night before the working week begins, so you can get some proper sleep in order that you can deal with going back to work on Monday morning. This is generally a major clue that the psychic attack is emanating from an individual, or individuals at your workplace. If not, then possibly someone on the regular morning commuter train to work who has taken a dislike to you. It could be simply someone who is pathologically envious of your attractiveness and resents you with a level of intense jealousy beyond the comprehension of most ordinary and decent folk. 

The fact that you have never spoken to, nor have even noticed this person only makes the situation more bizarre and difficult to accept. However, be warned - the world is filled with such malicious jealous strangers who develop these irrational and psychotic hatreds of other people which manifest into dangerous psychic attacks.  

Ordinary tasks which you once performed with ease now become increasingly difficult as you begin to question your own sanity and safety. And yet, there is no determinable medical cause or environmental factor. There is only one thing that you can be completely sure of - that someone or something is doing this to you. Your instincts scream this to you but you deny this alarm bell ringing inside you, as it seems so irrational and hysterical to accept something such as a psychic attack emanating from another person could actually be a real thing.

Sometimes you have a hunch, or even a clear understanding that you know who this person might be who is 'attacking' you; other times you are completely oblivious and at a complete loss in trying to understand why anyone would be doing this to you or would want to do this to you. Either way, you know that you are now drifting more and more into strange and frightening unchartered territory and it's killing both you and your quality of life, slowly and with relentless, merciless cruelty.     

Sometimes the initial psychic attack being experienced by the target is rapid and can literally happen overnight. In the vast majority of cases, however, the psychic attack is a creeping incursion into the target's psyche and he or she feels themselves going downhill emotionally, psychically and mentally over a period of weeks or months until the person under attack plunges into a kind of baseline psychic war of attrition. A stalemate, from which one can begin moving out of is now near impossible. The target will feel as if his or her life force is suspended within a thick mud or sticky treacle and even the slightest task – be it physical or mental – has become a Herculean effort to undertake.


Inability to get a good night's rest. Constant waking in the middle of the night with a sense of dread and panic for no concrete reason. Disturbing and very surreal nightmares (pay very careful attention to these dream states and symbols and individuals in them, and if you can, keep a dream journal). Night terrors and occasional sleep paralysis, sometimes involving seeing shadow people or dark figures in the bedroom. Night sweats, even in cold weather have been very commonly reported.    

'Brain Fog', which swiftly replaces a once dynamic or creative mind. This is often the most worrying experience for people under attack, as it begins the chain reaction of self-doubt, whereby the person under attack begins feeling as if they have become a stranger even to themselves. Forgetfulness and other concentration issues which often cause work and social problems and in some cases can lead to the target socially isolating themselves, as they feel like they would only let everyone around them down by being in their company. This is precisely what the workplace psychic attacker is attempting to achieve.
This is usually brought about by the two previous indicators, and is spawned out of the social anxiety the person under psychic attack begins to experience. Crazy rationalisations begin to manifest in which the person under attack comes to believe they smell badly, or are being somehow socially offensive to their friends, workmates and even complete strangers. Mood swings then begin to set in as the neuro-chemical fluctuations in the brain attempt to compensate for the cognitive overall deterioration. 

A once out-going personality is soon replaced by a morose and insecure self-loathing and melancholic individual. This can be especially devastating for creative people, as their raison d'être has been taken from them. Artistic and creative people are more often than not - along with attractive women - the most common targets of psychic attacks. How often have we seen the tormented artist fall apart following a creative block, or the stunningly beautiful woman walking down the street or sitting on a train with the most miserable, tormented and lifeless facial expression on their face as they go deeper into their own thoughts?      

Lying in bed with migraines and muscle pains such as myalgia which arrived out of nowhere and showing no sign of going away, with only the intensity or the frequency fluctuating within a narrow bandwidth. Loss of sexual activity. Skin rashes. Allergies, Irritable bowel. Onset of poor eyesight.    

Perhaps the definitive indicator of being under psychic attack and one which is unlike anything else a person can possibly experience outside a psychic attack. You have the sensation of feeling as if your physical body is made up of iron filings and a giant magnet has been placed next to you (often at the soles of the feet or next to your solar plexus) and you feel like the very life essence that is you is being harvested by some unseen magnetic vampire.  

It is as if your soul is the meat that some invisible predator is gorging upon. You have the sensation of dying and it may overcome you in the middle of the afternoon at work, or sitting at home watching TV. When you experience this sensation, this is the warning sign that the psychic attack is upon you and is in effect. It matters not if you are aware that you are under psychic attack, or whether you are oblivious to it at the time, only to find out later. 

It matters not the particulars, nor should one begin to contemplate or over-analyse the situation; now is the time to put up the barricades and get ready for the fight of your life.

If the cause of the experience is properly understood (not necessarily the specific identity of the source of the malevolent incursion) as that of being a psychic attack, and then from this realisation, the defence of one's psychic space begins in earnest, then there is every chance that you could actually die from the experience. Or, at the very least, your quality of life will be completely destroyed.  One's continuing ignorance or denial of the nature of the psychic attack only creates a sense of defeatism and despondency coupled with near paralysing levels of fatigue, poor health and lethargy which will never be overcome until the target understands the seriousness of, and the very real deadly nature of the situation.  

The most common word in your vocabulary will soon become “why?” and you'll keep asking yourself “why?” over and over again, but it will be a futile cry in the dark regardless of how many times you ask this question. There may never been an answer to this question, and more importantly, you are in no state to seek a complex understanding as to why this individual or group has sought to destroy you and wipe you off the face of the planet. In some cases, this question - “why?” - becomes the last word ever uttered by the target if they keep asking it over and over again.  

Does a solider defending a position from an attacking force seek to have a heart-to-heart discourse with the troops from the other side who are charging towards his position with their guns blazing? The same rule applies when defending oneself against a psychic attack. You'll have all the time in the world to contemplate, theorise and analyse as to 'why' you were being attacked in the first place, once you have survived and are safe again. For the sake of inclusion in this article, and also assuming that you are reading this article because you are either currently undergoing, or have been the target of a psychic attacker, let me answer this question for you... 

A psychic attack is generally a pure stream of malicious energy directed at a person for any number of reasons. These reasons can be anything from social, creative or economic envy, and on towards resentment of another person's popularity, beauty, desirability to the opposite sex, often coupled with their personal and career success. Sometimes it is completely irrational, and the attacker is caught up in the throes of a psychotic witch hunt, generally undertaken out of projecting their own faults onto that of the target, or even old-fashioned peer pressure being the motivating factor. Most times, it is a very personal, vicious and deliberate psychic assault. 

The primary cause of all psychic attacks is jealousy. Jealousy is one of the most powerful forms of dark energy on this planet, and easily one of the most dangerous for humans. Most people at some point in their lives have experienced their own states of envy and begrudgery towards another person's easy ride in life when compared to that of their own. However, the sizeable percentage of humans who are capable of extreme states of deep-rooted jealousy towards another human being – the majority demographic being women being envious of other women – cannot be underestimated, nor should we dismiss the psychic and very real social danger these humans are capable of doing to, in most cases, a perfectly innocent person who did them no harm whatsoever. 

As authors such as Dion Fortune have pointed out, our ancestors generally burnt these malevolent individuals at the stake due to the destruction they were capable of within a small localised community. The majority of female (and some male) 'witches' burnt at the stake – outside that of religious and ethnic sectarianism – were generally not wise sages who had the secret knowledge of herbal medicine, but rather, the local harridans and loudmouths causing chaos within the community through malicious gossip, slander and, in some cases, psychic attacks as a result of jealousy of their neighbours. 

When these highly pathologically-driven individuals engage in a deep and visceral jealousy towards another person, the sheer force created by their maliciousness is a powerfully pure stream of destructive energy, which even the most powerful and experienced black magician would find hard to achieve. When this force is then further coupled with sexual frustration and insecurities, we are talking about a form of psychic plutonium being processed into uranium and then transformed into a weapon of personally directed destruction.
In fact, these kinds of deeply resentful people who are capable of this psychically weaponised jealousy are basically what is known as instinctual black magicians. In most cases, they do eventually destroy themselves in time, as their ignorance of what they are doing backfires precisely upon them. This powerful force of weaponised jealousy is highly unstable, as it is ferocious in the hands of an idiot; which is what most of these deeply jealous pathological types tend to be: dangerous idiots.  

Which brings us to another source of psychic attacks: black magic and occultism. It matters not if the reader of this article finds the idea of black magic to be absurd and nonsensical. Like the troops inside the castle being bombarded by the trebuchet, having previously not witnessed or experienced the effects of a trebuchet hurling massive boulders at colossal speed and great distances which come crashing down upon them, ignorance is no excuse. Black magic, like all the occult arts, is very real, regardless of whether people want to believe they are or not. 
They are certainly real to the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and in your community who practice, or have been victims of the ritualistic black arts. Did the Son of Sam serial killings which took place in New York City during the 1970's not actually occur because David Berkowitz was the member of a murderous dark cult performing rituals in a park just north of the Bronx? Rituals of animal sacrifice and invoking demons which in time caused a city of ten million souls to live in fear and panic? Tell the victims of David Berkowitz and their surviving family members that black magic isn't real.

The most commonly accepted definition of the term 'magic' is: 'the application of Science and Art in conformity with Will in order to create Change within the material world'. Hexes, spells, incantations, sigils, animal and human sacrifices and other trappings of the dark sorcerer's trade are purely optional. As British occultist Francis (X) King so eloquently stated on the subject of magic in general; 'The motivating power, then, in all magical operations, is the trained Will of the magician. All the adjuncts of Ceremonial Magic - lights, colours, circles, triangles, perfumes - are merely aids to concentrating the Will of the magician into a blazing stream of pure energy.'  
So therefore, everything from propaganda to smear campaigns can be considered forms of black magic. The menacing figure in a hooded black robe standing in the centre of a pentagram surrounded by a circle, or the teenagers in a cemetery at night invoking the power of their 'satanic majesty' are not the be-all and end-all of dark occult sorcery.  It all depends on the Will of the dark magician and how effectively and easily their concentration can be harnessed and directed.   

However, and on a more sobering note, it is important to consider that black magic often achieves powerful results much more quickly and with less effort than 'white' magic in the hands of a skilled and adept individual or coven. These are the psychic attackers who will arrive as charming gentlemen bearing gifts and compliments, while the monster's real intention - underneath the delightful and polite surface - has been harnessed and camouflaged below a genteel and often debonair demeanour.   

Think of the fictional residents of the Dakota Building in New York in the Roman Polanski movie Rosemary's Baby. They arrived as compassionate and caring neighbours, while Rosemary unknowingly undergoes an incremental and appalling psychic attack at the hands of what was, in actuality, a Satanic coven in cahoots with her psychopathically ambitious 'perfect' husband who was working with the coven to advance his acting career. In fact, the deterioration of the character Rosemary in the movie, as played by Mia Farrow, is an excellent cinematic portrayal of a person undergoing psychic attack. That is precisely how the experience appears to a concerned friend or family member looking on.   

Coming from a somewhat more prosaic aspect, we have to contend that in this day and age that someone could be using black magic upon us is a real possibility (however unlikely). Access to occult knowledge and materials from the 1960's onwards, including the growth of cults and covens, has created a situation whereby we have to come to terms with the fact that anyone wishing to become skilled in the use of black magic can develop this pathological occultism, courtesy of the endless tools and resources at their disposal. The irony being that in this, the age of the Internet, we are more likely to encounter a skilled occultist than our far off distance ancestors in the Middle Ages may have fallen foul of.  

Often we are very surprised – and not in a pleasant way by any means – to discover that a co-worker, social club member, church group associate, love rival, difficult neighbour or even a member of our own family is a secret adept of the black arts and you may well be the one in the path of their carefully directed 'blazing stream of pure (malicious) energy'. However, one is not commonly going to be a target of a black magician unless you have something they really want, or you have offended them somehow, or have threatened to expose their activities to the general public. 

Part of the ritual is always to announce their intention first. So, no matter how subtle the warning, you had better take heed of it and do not try to play the hero.  

The primary initial indicator that you are being psychically attack by a black occultist is that you have a constant sensation that you are being watched all the time. This feeling is ever-present, as in some cases, the magician – as incredible as this sounds - has created a Tulpa, which is a seemingly living thought form which can appear as an animal, often a bird, or even a black, sometimes human shape, in the corner of one's eyes or a floating and swirling dark mist above the target's bed at night. The term 'Tulpa' is a derived from a Sanskrit term meaning 'constructed phantom', which has been created by means of intense spiritual and psychic concentration which is an illusion and cannot do any harm to the target, apart from causing psychological torment. 

The purpose of the Tulpa is to try and intensify the target's anguish and fears further by compounding the intensity of the psychic attack. The legendary 'Foo Fighters' – balls of light which harassed Allied aircraft during the later days of the Second World War may well have been Tulpas created by the many occultists operating within the Third Reich, or even by the sheer desperation of the population of Berlin and their almost messianic belief that a 'Wonder Weapon' would be unleashed to save Germany from defeat at the last moment. 

Some occultists and researchers also believe that a very powerful  black magician can harness a demon or djinn (Islamic non-human form of consciousness) and use these plasma entities to attack a person from a place outside of human perception and senses. Certainly, in the Islamic world, the concept of the djinn is still taken very seriously indeed, even among educated people. For this level of psychic attack to take place, it is entirely dependent on the black magician to have a lock of the target's hair, the sexual energy of the target, or to have left an object with the target that the entity uses as a kind of homing device to locate the target. Generally, this can be a gift, such as a piece of jewellery which had been previously 'charged' by the black occultist with the specific purpose of an entity under their control to locate the object and torment the target.  

If you suspect this to be the case, throw the object into the sea or lake. It is said that this causes the entity looking for the object to remain at the bottom of the ocean where the black magician cannot retrieve it for use on another person. This is also why our Viking, Gaelic and Anglo-Saxon ancestors threw objects that they believed to be 'cursed' - such as swords and coins - into rivers, lakes and the sea. The deeper the body of water, the safer everyone is. 

This was the message of and inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien's character of the hobbit named Sméagol accidentally discovering the One Ring which was created by Sauron the Dark Lord, and which could be used to psychically attack and corrupt anyone who possessed it. 

The majority of people who engage in psychic attacks are – to put it crudely – jealous and uncultured morons (or people of highly limited world views), and in the vast majority of psychic attack cases, this is what one will be dealing with. Humans beings – at this stage in our cultural, social and evolutionary development – appear to be far more capable of achieving intense levels of hatred much more quickly than we are of intense levels of compassion and understanding. 

Putting a curse (psychic attack) upon another person – unknowingly or knowingly - is far easier than accepting that they might be more beautiful, skilled, dynamic and likeable than the psychic attacker happens to be, represents a percentage of the population greater than most people are willing to accept. These same type of people are the individuals who – in all probability – are putting you, or have placed you under a psychic attack, or have the potential to do so. One is no more safer from a psychic attack in a small town or rural community than one would be in large town or city. 

I am not trying to frighten the reader with this information. It is more a case of giving them the tools of both detection and avoidance from a psychic attack.

In his books, films and lectures, Thomas Sheridan outlines—in layman and direct language—an introductory approach to behaviourism, myth, perception, archetypes, neuroscience, psychology and pathology, in order to explain the nature and methodology of the puzzling people and the puzzling situations which make the world such a bewildering and traumatic place at times. These books are considered field guides for social and psychological well-being, leading towards ultimately surviving and thriving in a world of engineered chaos and mass hysteria.


  1. I don't agree. One can defend himself. I've seen it in my family ,in my personal life many time from angry people, stupid bad mouth ignorant and demonic attacks. The later being the most difficult to deal with but not impossible.

    1. How does one defend oneself, please tell me. I believe I have been under psychic attack and slandered by a so called friend.

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  2. This article is a gem. Thank you for researching and sharing so much valuable information.

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  3. yes I totally agree best to become invisible and use the light spectrum of the sun to reflect the dark light back to it's evil source

  4. When I navigated to your home page, a "txt" file asked to be saved onto my pc.
    Think you've got more than one kind of attack going on here...

    1. Really? That isn't good. Hardly surprising really.

    2. Yes really. It only happened once, and not since.
      That's definitely some kind of hacking/virus intent going on there.
      Pretty shit attempt though, unless myself and all of your visitors are now infected with some kind of digital demon!

  5. "The most commonly accepted definition of the term 'magic' is..."
    You've said this many times.
    But can you tell us where exactly this definition is to be found?

    1. How then does that constitute "most commonly accepted"?
      That is quite a bold statement that you've made repeatedly, but if it's only Crowley that said it then that is pretty niche, not common.

  6. Some intriguing graphics, a very powerful peace indeed.

  7. The epidemiology of ME/CFS would tie in quite nicely with the wider access to occult knowledge from the 1960's onwards; the first major cluster occurring at the Royal Free Hospital in 1955, although there were prior sporadic cases which are believed to be what we now call ME/CFS.
    I recall reading in an ME Association journal that a disproportionate number of primary school teachers suffer from it. Could it be that young children are disproportionately accidental occultists?

  8. The siege metaphor is only appropriate for post-apocalypsism times. (presently reading the prophetic 'A Canticle for Liebowitz' which I overlooked till now)....These times are more like Mongol whoreds coming over the horizon where Ghengis sends message ahead....."Leave your cities and I will kill you later where you go.''
    (sorry if my similar comment shows up....delete this bracket and previous if it appears Thomas........namastnumnuts mofo....yuk, yuk!)

  9. NEVER, NEVER , take on the black covens. I accidentally did ended up with 7 smashed back ribs, 3 spinal fractures, collapsed lung, torn stomach.when trying to find out the identities of the coven a strange painful 6 inch in diameter bite appeared on my neck. That's when I did what you advise , keep quiet, lie low, take no further action and forget about it. Harry Potter is fiction , we cannot take on these people if you do it will only lead to pain and possibly death.

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  10. I want to read this much closer later... Yes, people who give off tons of creative and psychic energy attract these vampires for the same reason children attract pedophiles. It is so sad. Children/creative/psychics give off SO MUCH ENERGY. I am not sure all of these vampires, or even most of them aware, they are doing it.
    They just know they "love" being around you. Unfortunately, I have to isolate and "guard" my own energy. Behind it is jealousy, always know who because once you shut them off they get irritable and start snapping. If you don't give them a thing they will go away. Problem is, there is always another vampire to step in and take their place. Black magic, I'm not so sure about, if I've had that happen I didn't know it.. except for the first psychopath I met... the night I met him, I went to bed and saw a severed, screaming head racing toward me with mouth ripped open as if it wanted to bite me. I should have taken that warning. Too bad the world is full of these creatures...

  11. Yes, the psychopath (a male in his 40s, I was 24) could hardly find anything to criticize me for, so said I only painted and did art to "show off" (well, I guess so, in a way...but?) And then, even though he had no morals whatsoever asked "How come you never go to church?" and then, "All you seem to care about is love." ?? Then, once he said "If I couldn't talk, I'd die." He was a pathological liar. Guess what he died of? Throat cancer. He spent the last three or four years of his life unable to speak. He prayed upon young women with dysfunctional fathers and I believe, near the end, he wanted me to die. That's how evil he was.

  12. Superb piece, strikes so many chords with me.....had a parent who was a victim of an extreme Catholic upbringing, pretty much possessed by Jehovah, he mangled the minds of all of us around him with his poisonous psychic vibes. Had a torrid time in my twenties due to this mangled mind, then an almost total collapse early in my thirties, followed by years of reclusiveness. Am now seeing this unpleasant and very difficult isolation period as a healing process, as I'm now much better and almost ready to re-emerge; this time far healthier and more clear-headed.....a clean slate as it were, finally

  13. Regarding the most commonly accepted definiton of Magic. Two other Magicians who have said the same thing I know off are Alan Moore (who Mr. Sheridan has spoken off quite a bit) in the documentory "the mindscape of Alan Moore" and Anton Szandor LaVey in his Satanic Bible in the chapter "Theory and Practice of Satanic Magic". Anton LaVey has used this definiton in his other writings too (and it's all writing available to the general public so doing your own research shouldn't be very difficult). Interestingly enough, after reading all of Thomas Sheridan's books (as well as books by Robert D. Hare and Martha Stout) and re-reading LaVey's "Not All Vampires Suck Blood", a chapter in the Satanic Bible (regarding Psychic Vampires [a term LaVey claimed to have coined]), these strange people whoem he speaks of sound eerily like Psychopaths. Oh yeah ... and bloody great essay Thomas Sheridan! Cheers!

  14. Thanks for this excellent piece. The attack I endured saw me crying non-stop (more or less) for two years. (London's Northern Line from Morden to Barnet weeping opposite fellow commuters was the worst.) I was caught in the middle between the light and the dark. I spent thousands of quid in the new age learning that most people know zilch about esotericism. The new age knows feck all. You're right, Thomas - you are well and truly on your own when this happens and the best approach is to get out of the firing line asap.

  15. How does one trace these people? They are criminals! How does one trace the source, know who could have done these evil?

  16. Also, can someone explain the solution in this article? It's unclear.

  17. I was hit with severe psychic attacks and satanism. I used the Yuen method which is copyrighted but you can learn it in 5 seconds. It is easy. The harder part is to find the weaknesses. It took me 20 months to get out of it. Here are some of the weaknesses I corrected:
    - voice box encased in satanism
    - voice box posessed by unholy energies
    - luciferic entities tracking you
    - who were you in past life? they think they can do anything to you especially ramses sorcerer because of who you were in past lives
    - people may make other people hate you because of who you were in past lives
    - Ramses sorcerer soul family draining your life force
    - Ramses sorcerer bloodlines not allowing who you were to be free
    - gateway energies everywhere, portal energies everywhere
    - being used as a gateway or portal by illuminati, priori, templars, charlatans, perverts, liars, serpent cult members, cult of nasty school teachers, cult of mary , satanic cults, luciferic cults
    - entities forcing themselves on you like... perverts, liars, sex voyeurs, sex predators, rapists, charlatans,
    - energy being forced in, shot in, injected in, forced to swallow it, thrown in, implanted in, grown in
    - energy above being forced everywhere etc.
    - energy not transmuting to pure white light, not releasing, not dissolving
    - crystallized obia, jadoo, sorcery, witchcraft
    - embedded jadoo, obia, sorcery, witchcraft
    - crystallized and embedded energies not releasing etc.
    - cellular memory, cellular trauma not releasing, etc.
    - fear of losing cellular memory because that is the only thing you got left
    - being killed by sorcerers, being killed etherically
    - being controlled by Mason Society
    - being controlled by Constantine's bloodlines
    - being controlled by draconians
    - energy from first past life, second past life, etc not releasing


  18. here are more weaknesses
    - not surrendering your roles from first past life, second past life,
    - being killed in the North shaman energies
    - Mason's etc forcing you in the north shaman energies
    - Obia, jadoo, black magic, hoodoo, voodoo, spells, sorcery, witchcraft,
    - terrorist energies
    - tree goblin and tree goblin terrorist energies
    - being subjected to psychic attacks by above and also Mars government officials
    - schizophrenics forcing energy everywhere, wanting you to be schizophrenic
    - people addicted to talking telepathically forcing energy everywhere
    - embedded and crystallized vampire chords, hooks, drains, ties, attachments in arteries of iris, corona, visual cortex, eyes,
    - regular chords, etc everywhere
    - the chords etc being grown, forced, etc.
    - psychic and energy vampires, vampirism
    - not getting enough oxygen in your blood because of mothman entities, implants, crystallized and embedded energies, some kind of harp emf energies or microwave energies
    - mothman entities, demons, demonic entities shot in, forced everywhere
    - being forced to relive you or your families past lives
    - people believing you are their patient - learn to dowse, imagine body in front of you, dowse for other people's corpses, any energy not for your highest good, ask if you have your hand on all of it, do you pull it up, down, left or right, then just rip it out. They are obsessed with what they did to you in past lives. They use that energy to kind of live in you. Get it out
    - Nest energies, space pod energies
    - If you had unfortunate incident of having been witchdoctored to unicorns, gryphons, thunderbirds, they could be in your lungs, your head, your spine. Keep pulling their parts out.
    - crystallized corpses
    - fear of psychic attacks
    - fear of being bullied to death
    - fear of being etherically kidnapped
    - being bullied, etherically kidnapped
    - unholy energies, crystallized and embedded energies encasing or possessing akashic records, destiny lines, livers, spleens, brain, soul, satanic souls attached,
    - serpent cults etc not allowing you to retrieve soul
    - it is extremely important not to have any earthbound entities out there. If you are powerful, then imagine all your earthbound entities from past lives, ask them to be filled with the most holiest of energies in the universe, transmute, dissolve, release anything keeping them earthbound. imagine again all the energies in the universe then retrieve their souls if they have been demonized. Then imagine again and ask the universe to fill them again with holiest of energies, and return them to source. If that doesn't work, you can try doing soul retrievals on them. There is a reason they are earthbound, fear, part of rituals, death, murder, etc.
    - Rituals. I have found hundreds. everything has a soul. If you notice repeated patterns it could be someone possessed by a ritual. If it is past life ritual, then try to retrieve it. You want to know things like who created, how it was fired (sacrifice, making lower astral energies, who are the victims (lyrans, arcturians, saints) who it benefits (draconians, terrorists, constantine's bloodlines etc), who messed it up if anybody and what became the secondary intention because of that, what was primary intentions. You just keep retrieving each part until the entire ritual is retrieved. I ask the universe to retrieve the souls. Then retrieve all the souls lost because of those rituals and honour each part of the ritual and the souls lost because of it.
    - Being mocked, everyone in your life being mocked
    - being subjected to psychic attacks because you are white
    - being killed by witchdoctors, voodoo dolls
    - energy between you and voodoo dolls, corpses, anything
    - being witchdoctored,
    - having no privacy
    - time, soul, everything being monopolized by above groups or people

    with the yuen method or john of god, you don't have to know exactly what the weakness is. you just feel it if you are not sure.

    May the universe bless you and help you remember that you are strong

  19. Here are some more weaknesses
    - entities using you as a surrogate (so they are not a target), It could be that you have crystallized corpses in in you belonged to them so it is easier.
    - Nasty school teachers teaching you a lesson
    - vampire entities, luciferic entities, satanic entities, etc using energy everywhere, using energy inside you
    - Medusa's family subjecting you to psychic attacks
    - medusa's family stealing financial information

  20. For the past half hour, I have been stabbed in my toe nails and finger nails by Medusa's family members from all incarnations. The police won't do anything because they are on the payroll, so is the government, federal and municipal. If anyone has information available as to why a girl who was in Toronto and almost killed at a shoot out at the Toronto Eaton Centre and then suddenly ended up at James Holmes shoot out to die weeks later - we need to stop things like this, I have modified the Yuen method to include groups of people or all the universe. You think of a circle and then run the weakness around the circle. You think of whoever you want in the circle - all energies in the universe, draconians, Medusa's family etc.

    Here are some weaknesses I think could be causing people not only psychic attacks but trouble in their lives
    - members of Medusa's family evicting Arcturians
    - sorcerers causing you to be evicted (especially if you were a saint)
    - People who wrote the bible causing people responsible for Gospel of Mary Magdalene to be embarassed or diagnosed with schizophrenia. When I did soul retrievals on a certain person, I noticed his spirits were all earthbound, the bible talks about holy ghost. I don't want to be an earthbound spirit for the rest of eternity. It is time to open the garden of eden to all, not just the ones who wrote the bible
    - Draconians having Arcturians crucified
    - Medusa's family stealing assets of arcturians
    - People who were responsible for the bible controlling the health of saints
    - People who were resonsible for the bible treating saints like prostitutes
    - Draconians draining the life force out of arcturians
    - Vampire entities draining the life force out of Lyrans
    - Medusa's bloodlines or family subjecting Arcturians to psychic attacks

  21. I believe the people involved are from one soul family. They are obsessed with what they did to us in past lives. They have a sense of entitlment to do it again.

    Weaknesses to clear with Yuen method etc to alleviate psychic attacks.

    - Cellular Trauma from past lives not transmuting to pure white light, not releasing or not dissolving.
    - Cellular trauma related to your corpses or the person that is attacking to you not transmuting etc.
    - Cellular trauma being created by that person/soul family
    - Being told what to do by Mars Government terrorists
    - Mars Government terrorist energies
    - Soul family etc using energy in you
    - Cellular memory related to Zion, Lyra, Arcturia being destroyed not dissolving or not transmuting to pure white light.

    I condensed alot of things. It is easier to work with one weakness at a time.

  22. I found out I have some wolf energy. I was seeing visions of wolves in one of those eskimo carriage things carrying a man in black leather in Jan 2013. The wolf has been associated with Satan. I believe these people are forcing some of us to be part of their wolf pack. If you take the energy out and create your own wolf pack, one you are supposed to belong to, you have a better chance of them leaving you alone.

  23. I found some more weaknesses that people could be having problems with that can be cleared with Yuen method or throwing it into the ground etc -
    - satanic cults not permitting you to be free
    - satanists not permitting you to be free
    - SS Army owning you
    - Crystallized plague preventing oxygen in the blood
    - Crystallized satanism preventing oxygen in the blood
    - Mars pole shift vortex energies
    - Mars pole shift phase 5 and 6 anomalies
    - Mars and Earth alignment vortex energies
    - Mars and Saturn alignment vortex energies
    - Saturn vortex energies
    - quantum time vortex energies
    -crystallized psychic attack energies in the voice box
    - schizophrenics astral travelling everywhere
    - Leopold Belgium II soul family astral travelling

    1. Please dont listen to anything that comes from them. These psychic/psychokinetic monsters are spinning you in their hyperactive and manic lunacy.

  24. I always thought the attacks were about death and stealing assets. It is also about bullies that need to make you schizophrenic. They find it hilarious, get sexually aroused, feel empowered. They repeat these attacks on the same people every lifetime because they don't know how else to empower themselves.

    Use the Yuen method etc or throw the energy deep into the ground. Especially, for them being bullies, or them finding it hilarious. It will help stop them also. At least slow them down. If you dowsing etc to find out if they need to bully you, I always ask do they need to bully me for zero reasons. If it is not zero I keep doing it.

    These people are unilifers so if they were able to make you diagnosed with schizophrenia in a past life, that is all they know how to do. They don't see you as a separate person. I find people who are schizophrenic and bullies go after you even more. They see you as an extension of themselves.

  25. also, with Unilifers, they have difficulty surrendering their roles in past lives even if they are energy healers. They may have trained SS Army to be bullies for instance. We need help to break that energy from that lifetime. All the cellular trauma, all the empowerment they got from creating bullies, it is still very toxic. We need to break it up for all of us. They won't be capable of recognizing they have a problem and they will feel it is not a problem.

  26. It is very interesting to note that a group of ancient people called the Ashtar Command were ethereans. Lower astral energies maybe a problem for them.

  27. I think it is important for people to realize that an energy school in Toronto along with terrorists possibly and past life SS Army Cronies may have copied energies they didn't understand. They just assumed they were psychic attack energies. Oddly enough they are used to help people retrieve their souls. These people are using them to steal everything including your time and your soul. An Energy school in Toronto and SS Army cronies from past lives and even maybe terrorists seem to be using them as psychic attack energies likely to generate revenue. Believe me, these people do not understand the energy. They are using these energies in hundreds. The original energy was meant to be used in ones or twos. To combat what they thought was psychic attack energies, they maybe using luciferic, satanic or even real psychic attack energies. The real Medusa and her family are very much a part of this. If you are using Yuen method or throwing energy to ground etc, try to clear these weaknesses/energy:

    - sorcerers subjecting you to psychic attacks
    - luciferic energy being grown inside (the holding of the breasts, fondling is them growing energy I think. It is also them showing they have power over you because they are afraid that we are more empowered or they have lost power. They don't want you to step into your power)
    - vampire parasites being grown
    - vampire parasites not releasing
    - sorcerers not permitting me to be empowered
    - sorcerers owning what you hear
    - terrorists controlling body temperature
    - SS Army shadowing you

  28. If anyone is getting choked to death, I urge you to call California police or file a California crimestoppers report. Explain the symptoms. They should have enough names from the reports I have filed to link everything. From what I have sensed she thinks killing people is equivalent to making them empowered. She likes to have everyone clairaudient through thousands of psychic attack chords, hooks, drains, Weaknesses to clear could include

    - being abused
    - retarded people making you schizophrenic

    It helps if you scan for any cellular trauma or cellular memory in your physical body or etheric bodies and pull it out. I imagine the body in front of me and scan using a pendulum. Just say - is this cellular trauma and scan with your other hand. It is one less thing for them to be obsessed about.

  29. There is a soul family that is afraid that the only friends they will ever have are dead people. They treat many people like they are dead, practice necromancy on us and think they are communicating with dead people.

  30. For those of you causing psychic attacks and fear, check this website out:

    I took 4 weeks of courses there as a vacation and as a hobby to do when I retire. It is sacred work. Instead of you honoring that, your family and S-t-n, he knows who he is, mock the shaman energies. You are all possessed by the copies you made and are using in hundreds.

    Yesterday, I pulled out 25 demons from you in seconds. Yet again at 3:29 am you mock me by making me feel like I have voodoo needles in my anus.

    You are afraid of your souls because you sacrificed people and you need to sacrifice the same people every lifetime. That is your sense of entitlement. You don't listen to people who you sacrificed or raped in past lives. Here is my sense of entitlement: I will no longer help you. Don't waste my time or life.

    For people having trouble with psychic attacks, try this website The lady there likes to have her voice heard. She lost her job at the CIBC 20 years ago and still blames everyone. She believes it is hilarious to make people schizophrenic.

    For those of you having problems with psychic attacks, try clearing these weaknesses:

    - unable to repel S_t_n
    - unable to repel astral travellers
    - astral travellers killing you
    - cults not permitting you to be free
    - imagine the body in front of you and dowse for contracts, cellular trauma, embedded objects, crystallized energy and take them out of etheric bodies also.
    - fear of necromancers, fear of being necromanced alive

  31. I found some crystallized and embedded discarnate energy right at the bottom of the spiritual body when I imagined my body in front of me. If you dowse or see it, pull it out. It helps decrease energy you get. Any discarnates inside, throw them into the ground etc.

    Check for walk-ins. You can ask universe to fill the walk-ins with holy energy, release, transmute, release, dissolve anything preventing it be free and then escort it back to source. Ask for its soul to be retrieved.

    Clear weaknesses for fear of walk-ins, dying because of walk-ins, spirits, etc.

  32. I have been noticing alot of vampire parasites. Check for them in brain tissue, white and red blood cells, the blood, arteries of spleen, arteries of brain, arteries of heart.

    People are getting radio wave frequency hub energies and amplifers.

    Any fears or cellular trauma related to these or any of these energies, throw it into the ground or use an energy method to release it.

    Some people are being forced to relive their soul's journey.

    If you have walkins or entities, you could have abuse issues with necromancers. I yell at the walkins and ask their families to take them back and leave. For entities, if you dowse or see it, just pull it out with your hand and ask it to be filled with fire and sent back to source. Imagine the body in front of you and pull it out.

    Weaknesses to being energetically kidnapped or kidnapped are big root cause it seems.

    Being bullied or being abused, tortured by cults or by satan, his family or cults, witchdoctors, or with voodoo dolls is big theme.

  33. Kudos to dr. Diane Sanchez of California (former student of Four Winds Society) and Victoria Johnson, (former FBI, district attorney and teacher at Four Winds Society) and now owner of These people are trying to empower the whole world against psychic attacks. wink, wink. They want people to know what they did to them in past lives. They want recognition. They are a little paranoid of you finding out so they make it a bit difficult for you to relive your soul's journey. Am I right? Sanchez likes getting over her fears of not having any friends by forcing people to be her friend. Am I right? For instance if she has a fear that everyone hates her, she makes everyone hate her. Am I right? They are truly empowered. That is what they say.

  34. I have been noticing these weaknesses

    satan shadowing inside of you, everywhere
    satan's family shadowing inside of you, everywhere
    satanists and satanic cults shadowing inside of you and everywhere
    satanists killing people
    people stealing your sanity, or they stole your sanity in past lives

    Satanists etc want to see what i see
    satanists, schizophrenics etc shadowing your vocal chords or voice box
    if you notice energy from someone, try to figure out why you have energy with that person.

    they probaby necromanced you - break that energy
    so they think they own you - throw that into the ground or break the energy with other methods. It is all about intention. Imagine the energy being put deep into the earth
    they may hate you, jealous of you, jealous of courses you took, it could be anger
    they most likely have killed you or you them or you helped to do it etc.
    they may have subjected you to psychic attacks or made you schizophrenic in past lives
    they may have paid people to have you diagnosed with schizophrenia in past lives. they want recognition for it now.
    If they are unilifers etc, they will do this stuff every incarnation
    they may have ritualized your body
    they may have necrotized you,
    they may have exploded your car
    they may have killed or gang raped your whole family
    they may have cut your vocal chords or choked you to death
    they may have used negative programming to control you or have you killed

    these things create very traumatic cellular trauma, get rid of the cellular trauma, your anger, your hatred.

    light attracts light. If you clear yourself, they will find someone else to feed on theoretically.

    it may be something simple like they won't leave you alone.

  35. Mason Society is also making people into karmic hubs, energy hubs, vampire hubs.
    They probably hire people to start world war iii to boost revenue. They use the same people every incarnation to start war. People like Trotsky from past lives are probably being used. The bullet that killed Archduke Ferdinand was probably not fired by the person they think or it was fired because of psychic attacks making Archduke Ferdinand look like the perpetrator. In reality, it was probably someone like Trotsky who was doing the psychic attacks or causing it someway. Psychic attacks are a method to cause hatred, fear, war.

  36. Leopold II of Belgium likley created murder/death games especially in Congo. That person seems very much active today. There could be huge gambling going on by the very people that we thought we could trust. The people that are draining the energy have been doing for a long time. They don't understand that it makes themselves paranoid, obsessive, unable to listen and prone to mental health issues, unable to have clarity or compassion. They just have a sense of entitlement.

    Leopold likley also implanted people with energies including HIV and Aids. Or he had it done. He likely killed alot of people this way. Being killed by games.

    Energy to clear includes:

    - Sense of entitlement
    - fear of losing empowerment
    - Satan's family owning you
    - vampire parasites in eyes or everywhere
    - members of government controlling your health

  37. In ancient days, there were soul thieves. Soul thieves did all sorts of things including stealing people's sanity and create permanent job loss

  38. Game rules and rules are big with these people. Get them out of you by imagining them placing them in the ground from where ever or use whatever method you can. They may not just be in you, they may be everywhere. Kaiser Wilhelm II killed and likely raped alot of people, People in past likely were responsibe for alot of scientific research experiments on people. Get rid of that energy. You don't want people to think you are a science experiment. People may need you to be mentally ill to feel empowered or take your money. Get rid of it.

  39. I found alot of energy today between schizophrenics and me, schizophrenics and lyrans. There is one person let's call her Carlot of mexico, she believes all arcturians and lyrans were schizophrenic or retarded. She likes to create psychic attack energies, luciferic energies, obia, jadoo etc between arcturians/lyrans and schizophrenics and retards etc. She thinks she is helping people. She doesn't have any true friends so she doesn't want anyone else to have friends. That is a theory.
    i found that schizophrenics for some reason wanted me to be schizophrenic, wanted to destroy my relationships, create job loss, etc. that was my past life history.

  40. It is also important to get rid of any energy that the attackers are responsible for. They have put gateways and portals everywhere. Put that energy into the ground so they don't do it again. Put the portals and gateways into the ground also.

    Terrorists especially hindu terrorists or tree goblins cult members are likely a part of this. Could be past life thing. Terrorists not permitting you to become a shaman. Terrorists stealing your assets using psychic attacks. Hindu terrorists keeping people in the north (shaman) energies. Hindu terrorists poisoning you or making you mentally ill and scare people.

  41. I have recently learned the best way to release the energy that could be causing you to be weak to psychic attacks is from the heart wall, hidden heart wall, heart walls of the blood and hidden heart walls of the heart, spiritual body, emotional body, mental body and then body parts, usually, blood, spleen, heart, brain, vocal chords, voice box. Release the cellular trauma, cellular memory, crystallized stone energy, energy from psychic attacks from past lives from these areas. Release fears of having psychic attacks, fear of God not protecting you from different families, societies, etc.

    Groups, families, socieities, cities, also have heartwalls, hidden heart walls, It is important to clear these out also. A family may be weak to being attacked by certain groups. Why? These groups may believe it is hilarious to attack or they may believe God wants them to.

    More info on heart walls, hidden heart walls can be found in a book called the Emotion Code. These areas also contain emotions like hatred, anger, sorrow, despair, etc.

    If North shamanic energies or west energies are too many, it could be fear of having too many everywhere, fear of not being able to sense them. They could be invisible etc maybe.

  42. I have been tracking this energy for 2 years and I feel it is time that the public needs to know more about the people doing this. There was a cult, likely a serpent cult who used pagan serpent energy who sacrificed people in different ways especially making them schizophrenic. The cult was called the 13's. There seems to be 13 groups of them each with their own specialty. The only people that seemed to be able to kill the 13's was the musketeers. The 13's also make it a habit of killing everyone that killed them in past lives. They use sorcery, negative programming to mark you for all of eternity. Paul Walker used the badge number 313 in the movie Brickwork Mansions. 13 has always been a weird number for me also. I didnt' figure out until recently what the 3 might have stood for. I thought at first it was the third group of 13's. The 13's control the world and include people like Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Dr. Robert Weinstein, Gaisheda Kheawok's cult and schools, Scott Yellan, psychiatrist, Dr. Diane Sanchez obgyn, California, Victoria Johnson,, various Delarue family members. They have a long past life history of making people schizophrenic with psychic attacks, They fondle you etherically, use obia, jadoo. They use psychic attack energies and whip energy at your throat until you can't breathe. There is likely betting, gambling related to this. They believe if you can feel it or hear it in any way, you are schizophrenic. They go after the same people each life time. They believe God wants these people to be schizophrenic. Many sorcerers seem to blame Queen Anne of Great Britain for being tortured in prison. Again, that was Dr. Diane Sanchez, also known as Heliodorus most likely in past lives who likely tortured these people. There is a huge war between these perpetrators and Queen Anne's family, the Arcturians, Lyrans, Ramses the Pharoah family. Paul Walker was likley not the only victim of the 13's. People like Lady Diana Spencer, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Britney Murphy, her husband, John Candy seem to have similar traits. They attack people energetically also, so you feel like you were bashed in the head or having heart attacks. You take the energy out and voila, the energy goes away. No heart attack. They could be shareholders of Bristol Myers. Bristol Myers was charged with fraud about 10 years ago according to a university research paper I read. The paper said that they faked revenue by about $10 million. These people are pushing everyone on Abilify. I think they are trying to boost the share price. Gail Thackray was making everyone incontinent. So maybe she owned shares in Depends. They have people who are familiar with North and West shaman energies keep you in that energy against your will also. I strongly suggest to anyone considering going to a shaman school, that if you have past life history of being sacrificed by sorcerers, you were a royal family member that you think twice and stay away. Use the Yuen method first to strengthen yourself.

  43. If you are being attacked, chances that person believes God wants them to do it. Imagine that energy and put it in the ground chunk by chunk or however you do it. The energy is likey in that person's heart wall, heart of the blood or spiritual body etc.

  44. Traits of the 13's likely include:

    - victimizing the same people every life time
    - making people narcissistic, mass murderers, schizophrenic
    - they are likely schizophrenic
    - they grow luciferic energies in people
    - they have people possessed with satanic energies
    - they may steal people's assets
    -they control oceans, royal families, governments
    - they are terrorists
    - they make people scared
    - they believe God wants them to do this
    - they likely created Satan
    - they poison people
    - they play killing games
    - they could control terrorist organizations
    - pagan serpent energy
    - crystallized stone energy in their brains or the arteries of the brain
    - learning disabilities
    - they hate shamans and energy healers
    - the control popes and saints
    - they believe they own their victims

    Someone like James Holmes who could have been Sherlock Holmes in a past life was likely a victim. The cellular trauma is ls layered from so many life times that they feed on people's fear. It is important to get the fear out from every lifetime and the cellular trauma.

  45. Gaisheda Kheawok's cult members seem to communicate to people through their vocal chords. They believe that God wants them to force their friendship on people. They believe if they abuse people then those people will be forced to be their friends. Her cult members are likely hypnotized by people that used to be Ghenghis Khan probably financed by the monarchy. Great use of tax dollars. I wake up every night with them growing negative programming energies in my stomach or stabbing me energetically with some voodoo needle. They are afraid of being hypnotized energetically or something.

  46. Release any fears or cellular trauma from heart walls, your soul, heart walls of the blood, spiritual body, mental body, emotional body, blood, heart, brain, etc relating to following:

    - being subjected to psychic attacks (by the 13's)
    - knowing god or fear that God can not protect or stop the 13's from possessing you with satanic or luciferic energies or lower astral energies
    - being possessed by satanic, lower astral energies, or luciferic energies
    - being possessed by tree goblin cult members
    - people believing that Satan wants you to be schizophrenic
    - the 13's, tree goblin cult members mock people's fears
    - fear that the 13's are draining life force from you

  47. There are three people that are causing alot of psychic attacks. Moonbeam from Whispering Song School of Energy medicine. She is full of hatred. She was likely a dictator from Mars, she believes she is above the law. Victoria Johnson, former FBI, district attorney, former teacher at FourWinds Society was likely Mussolini, director of the Warriors 4500 years ago. She reactivates the warriors every life time. She believes it is hilarious to make people schizophrenic. Ghenghis Khan, likely also Blackbeard in a former life. He is likely controlling members of the Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine and is a satanist. He is likely a terrorist. Alot of the 13's etc think he is God.

  48. The Jason Statham psychic attack factor - Ever since August 2013, his girl friend has been subjecting me to psychic attacks. I have left numerous voice mails, emails for him. Instead of it stopping me, he still has people like Franca Ciccia in Toronto, It felt like she was just trying to masturbate me or something. She astral travels in people's urine. They officially say oh, sorry, we thought you were Aimee Rhimes of Ontario. Every morning I wake up with thousands of satanic etheric container energies in my voice box and vocal chords likely because of him. They use Screen Actor Guild energies to make people Schizophrenic. Does he blame me for the death of Paul Walker? I don't know. They are bullies. So you never really understand and they never call. That would be too personal. They just get people to stab you energetically like nurses in the Delarue family or Franca ciccia all over your body. The police don't do anything. if you do complain, they say you are schizophrenic. I actually lost at least one job because of Statham because he didn't want me working somewhere. Pompous, conceited? Maybe. Mentally ill? Maybe.

  49. Anyone who has Stapleford lineage likely has tendencies to be energy and psychic vampires. If you are taking shaman or energy medicine courses to be free of the etheric chords, hooks, drains, they will likley try and kill you or tell you that you are schizophrenic for wanting to be free of them. It is people like them who believe they own people like Queen Anne of Great Britain's family for all of eternity. They treat Lyrans like slaves for all of eternity.

  50. Gaisheda Kheawok believes she owns Queen Anne of Great Britain and her family. Anne has been dead for 300 years but Kheawok probably believe Satan gave her ownership rights. Kheawok proabably helped to kill her 18 children. Clap, Clap, Clap, is that the recognition you want Kheawok or should I call you dyke satanist of the year?

  51. places or cities are being used as surrogates for other places/empires that were destroyed by certain families. Take it out of the heart wall, hidden heart wall and spiritual body of the victimized location.

  52. There was alot of energy in the heartwalls and soul of Ireland, Scotland, and their royal families from any life time. Historically, the perpetrators have been groups like the Middleton family, Judas mother from a past life, tree goblin terrorists, sorcerers, people responsible for the Irish potato famine. They believe the energies they use make them above the law. Fertility problems, being energetically attacked are some of the issues.

  53. I believe it is Rosie Huntington Whiteley (Victoria Secrets model), Johan Harlaar, (photoboard website), and a person who said she was Dr. Diane Sanchez From California, OBGYN, who is responsible for paying Gaisheda Kheawok's cult to attack me energetically for 2 years. If there are enough of us, then maybe we can start a class action lawsuit against them. They think it is hilarious.

  54. Dr. Diane Sanchez (California) who was a student at Four Winds Society has been able to convince people like Andrea Mintz in Toronto to fondle me etherically, put her hand on my stomach. Andrea is likely an alcoholic who believes I stopped working for her because I was schizophrenic. I just thought she was a bully. She would talk to the girls for over an hour most morning and then come back and tell me to get all this work done for her. Then it would sit on her floor for hours. I was offered a job by a larger company for the same salary and I took it.

    I have found an etheric group that contains many schizophrenics. There was about 120 pieces of energy in the soul of that group and in every member of that group. There is alot of stuff in it about how Dr. Robert Weinstein's bloodline has made people schizophrenic for many thousands of year to play killing games, gambling and entertainment.

    I would seriously avoid Toronto to avoid these people in person.

  55. Jason Statham is likely putting etheric container energies in people's vocal chords, voice boxes, throat chakras.

    People like him think it is just energy, but when you wake up each morning with thousands of them for 18 months, it is murder. It is like you are choking to death slowly.

    Clap, Clap, Clap, Hope that is the recognition you want Mr. Statham

  56. Alot of people feel the riots in the USA have something to do with psychic attacks, maybe satanism, etc.

    If you are not feeling yourself or know people who are not themselves, it is important to get the energy out of them. I imagine the west coast of the Americas in the sky and imagine each piece of energy being forced into the ground below.

    - if people have satanic energies in them, it could be because they know God is helping the people put them everywhere or posess them. The energy in the soul and the heart wall of the soul is important to take out of the person and its family or group they belong to. They may believe or know god will not help or stop them from being possessed with those energies
    - people who are acting off may believe Satan or Lucifer needs them to be that way
    - there is alot of energy in ancient mars terrorists and mars dictator.
    - there was likely holocausts in a few lifetimes in ancient times. The fear, trauma needs to be released somehow to be really free and clear. Some people want others to hate them.

  57. To Queen Elizabeth, Gaisheda Kheawok, Dr. Robert Weinstein, Dr. Diane Sanchez, Victoria Johnson, - Stop harassing Queen Anne of great Britain and her family.

    If it wasn't enough for you all to kill her 18 children 300 years ago, you have to do it again because you believe Satan and Lucifer or the devil or the Loyal order of the Solar Temple needs you to, then kill yourselves and save the universe.

    You are trying to force the family to be dykes. You are trying to force us to be mirror images of yourselves.

    You are all lunatics and losers, scanning our luminous energy fields. touching us etherically. You really think that is schizophrenia. You are the ones that are schizo you pathetic vermin. You think you rule the world. You don't even have control over your minds. You had to kill Lady Diana Spencer because you believe Satan needed you to.

    The Universe needs you to all to have electric shock therapy. You are all addicts on cocaine, raping people energetically, on ayuhuasca, alcohol, etc.

  58. I would strongly urge people not to go to the Four Winds Society because People like Dr Diane Sanchez and Victoria Johnson control Dr. Alberto Villoldo and they all think they are nasty school teachers. They subject students to psychic attacks, ejaculate them. If you complain to the police, file 400 crimestopper reports like I did, they get people like Dr. Robert Weinstein to say you are schizo. People warned me about Villoldo and I did not listen. I have been through 2 years of hell with people like the Staplefords fondling me etherically, sticking needles in me, whipping energy at my neck so I look like a marionette doll. The Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine in Toronto believe they own his school and his students. He can not protect you. They show everybody what they did to you in past lives by trying to kill you and create permanent job loss. He forces people to be shamans by abusing them energetically and having people like the above abuse you energetically. Franca Ciccia in Toronto was having Al Quaeda control their eye sight so they didn't even know who I was for 2 years but kept abusing me energetically. If it wasn't Al Quaeda it was satan his family controlling their eyesight. The Toronto police help Franca and Kheawok energetically attack his students by enabling them and having them locked up.

  59. I would not suggest talking to your psychic attackers. But if you say, you are a coward. It really does help.

  60. Some of the people who are psychic vampires are posessed by evil because of ritualized energies everywhere like in their soul etc.
    If you take the energy out it helps. Some people think ritualized energies represent reality because of other ritualized energies.

  61. The group of Necromancers, people who used to be necromancers in a past life, as a whole have many similar traits.

    - they victimize the same people every life time
    - they astral everywhere in and around their victims
    - they sexually molest and gang rape their victims energetically
    - they make their victims schizophrenic
    - they control governmentsand law enforcement agencies
    - they are afraid of being harmed or killed if they don't believe ritualized energy is reality
    - they are afraid of releasing energy from past lives for fear of being hurt
    - they torture their victims with voodoo energies, lower astral energies, satanic and luciferic, cajun sorcery energies
    - they believe they are empowered being posessed by lower astral energies.
    - they cause permanent job loss and get their victims fired many times
    - they need to control their victims employers and everyone in their lives from the moment they are conceived
    - they believe that Satan and Lucifer don't want them to know who they are harassing
    - they believe they own the identity of their victims
    - often they are creole sorcerers and try to transfer their illnesses onto their victims

    There is alot of energy there. If you are being subjected to psychic attacks it is likely from a necromancer like someone in the Middleton family possibly

  62. The people who subject others to pyschic attacks believe that their victims don't feel them fondling them, touching them, or piercing energy in them, can not hear their pyschic attacks and they may believe that the universe, satan, or lucifer wants it that way. They believe that Satan or Lucifer believe want them to NOT see or hear their victims.

    If you feel someone's hand over your stomach etc, imagine that person believing that they can not see you because Lucifer or Satan wants it that way and imagine that energy being put into the ground. Once they start seeing you, they won't want to do it. Loneliness has been ritualized into many of these people so I would still encourage you not to speak to them even if they do begin to hear you because of all the psychic attack energies.

    Groups that conduct psychic attacks with these beliefs include:
    - Sonia Gedge
    - the lady who lives at apt 707, 8 Roanoke Road, Toronto, Mark Klingbaum's wife, Toronto
    -Delarues, Middletons, Staplefords, Serpent cult (anyone who had anything to do with it including priests, financiers), the 13's, Cult of Mary

    They also do not allow their victims justice.

    This energy is ritualized and not ritualized in each of their cells, lining of the cells, soul, lining of the soul, brain casing, linings of the brain casings, in their hearts, heartwalls, spiritual and emotional and mental bodies both collectively for the group and also for the individuals.

    There is still about 80 pieces of energy in the soul of the group itself that subjects people to psychic attacks. Sorry for delay

  63. Dr. Diane Sanchez or at least that is what she called herself at The Four Winds Society believes I am still Queen Anne of Great Britain after she has been dead for 300 years. She is still believing that she is my doctor energetically. She "treats" me with satanic energies, whips them at my neck every few hours.

    She is a lunatic. If anyone knows her, please tell her to see a psychiatrist. She is unilifer who does not believe in reincarnation. She is stuck in some crack in time that necromancers use likely because she believes Satan and Lucifer want her to be because of some ritualized energy. Betty Matwick, her friend, just tried to choke energetically. Sanchez does not accept criticism because it is ritualized in her from the days when she was Atila the Hun.

  64. Dr Diane Sanchez of California may believe that she will be killed by Lucifer etc if she does not control the sanity of her fellow colleague sanity thieves like Prince Charles and Tsar Nicholas's family from past lives. Charles was likely a grand child of Tsar Nicholas in past life.
    The fear is ritualized everywhere. That is why the psychic attacks are so bad

  65. Moonbeam, believes that she has to prove she is more powerful than Dr. Alberto Villoldo every life time. That is why shaman students from the Four Winds Society may be at risk. She is from the Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine

    Trying to take the heat out of her.

  66. There were 3 evil keepers in the universe: Dr. Diane Sanchez of California, Franca Ciccia in Toronto and a man I know as Ghenghis Khan probably related to Munira Hakimjee in Toronto.

    They are sanity thieves. they make sacrifices to the universe by stealing people's sanity.They sacrifice a part of the planet they are on every life time as an offering to the universe.
    they could be financed by Duke of Edinburgh and likely Michael Jackson's friend in Arab whom he stayed with. People like Jane Seymour who may have deprived Jackson of sleep likely had fear ritualized in her.
    The evil keepers believe they will lose their empowerment if they don't steal people's sanity.

    Victoria Johnson, former fbi, district attorney and teacher at four winds society and likely helped to reactivate these beliefs somehow. She may have used Lisa Corbeil at to "bubble up" these energies.

    Sanity thieves are likely afraid of being killed by Satan if they release these energies through energy healing etc.

  67. I believe Munira Hakimjee has a son or there is a male that is friends with Franca Ciccia in Toronto that uses computers to subject people to psychic attacks. No doubt Gaisheda Kheawok's cult and Butterfly woman and Queen Elizabeth think it is funny to subject Queen Anne of Great Britain's family to psychic attacks.

    If any one has information, please contact someone not controlled by Franca Ciccia. Someone like Justin Trudeau or the leader of the NDP.

  68. I have tried many things. It is my final belief that the people who sodomize and rape Jesus and his family and followers and cut his body up into pieces everylifetime want recognition. That is why they are subjecting people to psychic attacks. They believe they are more powerful than God.

    So here goes.
    Victoria Johnson, Former FBI, District attorney, Congratulations for victimizing Jesus in many lifetimes

    Andrea Mintz Chartered Accountant Toronto. Congratulations on sucking Jesus's member and eating pieces of his body in many lifetime

    Dr. Robert Weinstein - Psychiatrist in Toronto - Congratulations on diagnosing Jesus and his crew with schizophrenia in many lifetimes because he doesn't believe in energy medicine. He does like to astral travel.

    Queen Elizabeth - Congratulations on destroying Jesus almost every lifetime.

    Daniella from the Four Winds Society - Congratulations on causing Judas to betray Jesus in many lifetime and making them feel schizophrenic in many lifetimes

    Duke of Edinburgh - Congratulations on Sodomizing Jesus in many lifetimes

    Dr. Diane Sanchez OBGYN California - Congratulations on necromancing Jesus and his crew dead and alive in many lifetimes

    Christine Stapleford - Congratulations on destroying the Gospel of Mary Magdalene as much as you did. As editor of the bible you successfully closed the Garden of Eden and made Jesus an earthbound spirit in many lifetimes.

    Congratulations to the Delarue family or whoever they were called back in for believing that they own Jesus and his crew every lifetime.

    I hope that is the recognition you want.

  69. John Charles Neal Stapleford has Mel Rosenblatt's youngest niece and a girl that visited Mark Klingbaum's office. He has them subject people to psychic attacks. He had severe Obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms in university. He is telling Cult of Mary members to touch their victims on their stomachs. He believes they like that. I believe he has always been schizoid and is likely full blown schizophrenic. He has a god complex. The Cult of Mary members like Franca Ciccia in Toronto, Sanchez, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Jason Statham, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, mock people. That is why they are touching each of us. John Charles Neal Stapleford believes people are schizophrenic if they don't want to date him. Then they drain the life force from you and lecture you for 3 hours a day. I haven't dated in 25 years and he is still angry about it. I have filed at least 30 crimestopper reports against him and his family. They have a cottage on Whiskey Bay in Lake of Bays.

    I left message with Erin Brockovitch hoping she would know a lawyer but she is soft to Jason Statham.

  70. There is a nurse at the North York General Hospital in Toronto who does interviews patients under involuntary commitment in the psych ward. She is likely related to Dr. Robert Weinstein by marriage and Marilyn Stapleford by blood. A Middleton family member in some life time. She does things for Weinstein like pierce people in the back with energy or injects them with energy. She may be on leave. She is about 50ish, medium build, a bit overweight and works in the emergency area

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  100. some more weaknesses to clear:

    cajun satanic death venoms
    individual people's death venoms
    cajun satanic necrotization energies causing brain damage
    brain damage from radio frequencies
    not letting go of ancient history, embedded energies
    being dominated by dykes
    cajun satanic high priest energies

  101. Humans that had arcturian origins are likely being used as surrogates for Bootean beings by Dracula's family (past life reference). Another bloodline was using the Booteans so maybe Dracula's family is draining energy through druid drains, hooks etc from the Arcturians. It can cause psychic attack. For the drains to release you have to think of reason why it is still there, you always die because of it, no privacy, etc.

    you could be weak to sucubus and incubus being forced everywhere, not letting go of them, or them being trapped. They are just earthbound spirits so if you think of them losing their soul because they were killed to sex up people or that energy everywhere for them they should go back to source. Put that energy or that belief in the ground.

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  105. This is not a plug for The Four Winds Society, rather it is an attempt to end people in Toronto mainly mocking me, what I hold sacred, and what the 300 students at the Four Winds Society class in May 2013 held sacred:

    There are those who come from a school where shamanism means causing people night terrrors, making them schizophrenic to generate revenue, causing job loss for others, bullying others for a better orgasm and to feel empowered etc.

    I don't come from that school.

    The West course at the Four Winds Society is a one week course. It works with the Jaguar energy. You learn how to decouple the flight fight response that is no longer useful in today's society. You learn how to extract energy left over from past lives so body can be healthy and you can be free of trauma. It teaches you how to go beyond your fears, how to release your fears.

    I personally release my fears using Yuen method. I think poisoning someone to teach them to get over their fear of being poisoned is called illegal. People who teach this are not for your highest good.

    The Munay Ki rites are used by ancient peruvian shamans. One particular rite I remember helps you identify signs of destiny. They are different for everyone. They help as guide posts and remind you about how pieces of your might have been lost and how to retrieve them. There are other ones that connect you with the stars, the galaxy and help guide you. In general, they help you recognize your karma, be able to heal it using whatever tool you subscribe to.

  106. You definitely wrote a lot of information on here about the true nature of psychic attacks, which I am grateful for because now I understand my enemies on a deeper level. However, at the end of the day there are no solutions on here :( I've been trying my frickin' hardest for years to figure this crap out and it feels like I've only progressed like 1% out of 100 ... 1% if i'm lucky actually - like does anyone out there in this cold world full of demons and monsters actually know how to clear this energy out? Does anyone actually know? Why are there millions of people practicing black magic yet there's like nobody that knows how to clear it... I can't seem to find even 1 good guy out there in this world

    1. You have a fear of being possessed with black magic. You can use the yuen method or something to get rid of it.
      you are are weak to following also:
      Masad attacking you with black magic
      cellular trauma not releasing because you never want to forget what Masad did to you
      love unreceived (Black magic etc is usually earthbound because of love unreceived, efforts unreceived, unsupported, it could be sexually aroused at making people terrorized, feel stalked, schizophrenic if the sorcery is very toxic etc. There is book called emotion code, there is likely a chart of emotions in two columns that you can look for)
      weak to horror
      being tortured to death by sorcerers
      cellular trauma not releasing because you don't want to forget what celtic witches did to you

  107. Best thing is just to commit suicide surely. There's no point being here whatsoever in a place this evil. Then I'll come back and probably eventually realise that I need to commit suicide again. Well so be it. If that is the protest that is needed against this evil that permeates every thing.

    1. Well that is what evil would want you to believe so you really should avoid thinking that way. You need to try to find the light, heaven, angels, good.

  108. I have been finding the following weaknesses in people:

    - sexually aroused at being possessed by evil
    - consumed by evil
    - feeding off of evil (these people may not be eating and their body starts to eat their brain, the evil gets even stronger because their brain has a defect and is shutting down)
    - creating evil
    - torturing people with evil
    - possessed by evil
    - empowering yourself with evil

    - being attacked with discarnates (especially Masad)
    - possessed by discarnates
    - fear that discarnates will destroy everything

    I have noticed that Earth is becoming a bit of a magnet for earthbound spirits, discarnates from planets that experienced much trauma including Andromeda (see youtube distress call from Nasa files from 80,000 years ago), and Zion maybe 90,000 years ago. The distress call was not received on Earth until 1998. The earthbound energies likely started to arrive around that time. There was destruction most likely even before that, which will soon arrive.

    If you notice a group of earthbound spirits, my personal technique is to ask the universe to fill them with its energy, with love and fire if necessary. Many of these energies have draconian energy waves like microwaves, technion, Haarp emf which block the energy from releasing. Ask the universe to release it, along with any beliefs, vows of revenge that are holding that energy in. A lot of them are earthbound for things like:

    love unreceived
    being terrorized
    efforts unreceived
    being pimped out, subjected to psychic attacks, property being destroyed, no one listening, being forced to be in cults, being gang raped, losing home planet,
    not wanting to let go of the memory of who hurt them. The energies could also be hidden, cloaked, sheltered, made invisible, have changeling, chameleon, crystalline entities that the spirits don't want to lose.

    If there is one spirit that you are familiar and have the time, try to figure out where that person got derailed. Think about the lifetime and the fork in the road they didn't take, try showing them that. Talk it out, project an image, Reach out and touch them. If there is only a few reasons why they are earthbound, it works very quickly and it is like a soul retrieval.

    This is not a cure for Aids/Hiv but I have noticed crystalline entities, their earthbound energies, earthbound energies living in people's blood cells, feeding off of them. The weaknesses to clear would include fear of these energies causing illness, fear of dying because of the illness, fear of dying because of the energies, fear that whoever is attacking you with these energies will not stop, cellular trauma not releasing because you don't want to forget who did this to you in past life. Implant energies causing these energies. Clear any energies from etheric field also.

    you can think of the energy and just hit it deep into the ground to try and clear it. do it for every lifetime, all eternity, all infinity if it happens to be demonized or ritualized in layers like that.

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  109. going to try and look past comments because this piece is epic. Its candor is second to none & best assessment ever read. thank you so much for this generous contribution. When alone, tired and warn beyond the imagination,this kind of honesty feels like a loving blanket. thank you.

  110. going to try and look past comments because this piece is epic. Its candor is second to none & best assessment ever read. thank you so much for this generous contribution. When alone, tired and warn beyond the imagination,this kind of honesty feels like a loving blanket. thank you.

  111. Anonymous that has been trying to get rid of this for years. how long has it actually been? ive been trying for over a year now. my life is completey ruined and cant find a solution! I totally agree this is brilliant was has been posted here but there are no solutions ..what have you tried ? we should chat if you want ? il tell you what ive tried too . xx

  112. I was psychically attacked by two of my co-workers while they fucked for the first time. I was awoken during a nap to the sound of their shrieks and after they heard my voice he stole all my energy to cum and I was left lifeless on my mattress. They are both disgusting people.

  113. Hi Everyone,This was how me and my BF become VAMPIRES i got a guy from the internet called Vampire Changer who was a VAMPIRE so i told him that me and my boyfriend would love to become VAMPIRES so he asked me of my Name ,Country, Age ,State , address and asked me to pay for just to send me his blood which i did immediately and in the next 3 days i got the blood sample through the DHL which me and my boyfriend took in the blood into your body and in the next 30 minutes i turned into a VAMPIRE so if you interested in becoming a VAMPIRE kindly contact his he also has a friend who is a warewolf just incase you want to be one,,(

  114. You can certainly defend and destroy them! You have to think of yourself in terms of pure source energy and leave your mind through meditation and Chinese energy cleansing methods and live in high vibration of love which means their spells and attacks cannot reach you as you are vibrating at totally different frequency. But religiously practicing mindfulness destroys them as they feed on fear and stress. Also becoming vegetarian or not eating food preped by others is very crucial as I recently found that the closest people to me in my life including my partner of eight years are in energy vampire cult! But it just means this is just an opportunity for you to wake up and become spiritual strong. Last advice is stay away from alcohol drugs and cigirattes as they weaken your field which will let them in! Amen

  115. Where you wrote, "The majority of people who engage in psychic attacks are – to put it crudely – jealous and uncultured morons (or people of highly limited world views), and in the vast majority of psychic attack cases, this is what one will be dealing with."

    I couldn't agree more. I am not someone who likes to think of anyone as unintelligent, but people who do that to others seem really uneducated about certain matters of life. I happen to know all kinds of people involved w witchcraft, insane family members (including a Reiki master aunt), jealous exbest friends, crazy exboyfriends. A lot of seemingly regular people are involved w witchcraft, but I also know many people who are very misguided goth or metalheads into Satanism. Seems its better not to meet anyone BC ppl just find some reason to latch on n are often way crazy. A person will think they've casually moved on from a relationship, n then discover they're being stalked by the psychos who've latched on n want all kinds of harm for them.

  116. I am the target of a long term attack. Yes, I believe the initial reason was jealousy- and it started decades ago. The perpetrator is my own mother. The story is much too long and convoluted to speak of here, but my life has been destroyed many times. I pick the pieces up, glue them back together and start again. But, now I have no more pieces. I am extremely intelligent and educated- a gifted artist, musician and writer. And that seemed to enrage my mother- who many times had threatened me. I did not take these threats seriously, as I did not believe that this could happen. I believe that people can be haters- but that you step away and move on. This did not happen. I have lost children,( one to her black occult group), have had my animals murdered, lost my business, many homes, cars continually vandalized and 2 husbands. When I tried to have my house blessed, the priest went insane and had to be institutionalized. I have had maggots rising through my floors, and rats attacking one of my daughters and myself. I have been thrown through the air in TJ Maxx when shopping, and subsequently hospitalized. I have tried every possible thing( especially prayer) to find relief. I have never attempted revenge- I am a sensitive- and a being of light- I have no addictions- She manages to somehow pull people into her circle who have a jealous notion towards me( which is weird, because I do not socialize much) and then very terrible things start to happen to me and what is left of my family. These people, who live near me, then become her eyes and ears, and she gets information on me- She then has these people spread horrible lies about me, and then I am isolated again- My remaining daughter thinks that we can "beat" this- but I am financially ruined, my health is ruined, I have no car, am losing my 5th home,- I have no job, and no man will even come close to me. She finds out who I have made friends with- and then contacts them-
    I have been through 2 marriages- which became horribly abusive once my mother entered the scene. I have 2 daughters, 11 years apart- both of them abducted during the divorces- with the aid of my mother. I hunted them down- and one of my daughters finally came back extremely damaged-and joined my mother's cult. My other daughter was also abducted 5 years later by her father and my mother, and I was able to find her- She is with me- and managed to be emotionally stable. I have given my life to save my children. I used to be a well known artist, and a professor of Russian language. I have moved so many times- and I am accepted in the community=but once she finds me, all breaks down -again. There is a great deal more to this story- others have been hurt badly in this- but I seem to be my mother's main target.
    I just want to live in peace-I am no longer sure of what to do. I continue to pray and send peace and love- that is all I know how to do.

  117. Sorry Thomas I don’t know you and don’t want to know you I was directed here from
    People’s internet radio email
    But of viewing your Facebook site and this blog and your YouTube channel
    I can say you and your cohorts need one thing
    And get out more
    You get one life and that’s it NO MORE NO LESS
    I don’t know what has taken over you MINDS
    But yes its evil and its seeping out all the time
    And you seem to want to infect all around you with the same EVIL
    Even in places like peoples internet radio
    YES they will help
    We are all here for your needs even the EVIL ones

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  119. Do repeated dreams of dirt toilet a symbol of black magic as one of my close friend got panik attacks after those dreams and is severly suffering of panic disorder please reply

  120. My comment was not published

  121. Hi Dear Fiend, Thank you for sharing this valuable information with the world. I have a practical question: Do you ever thing that a law firm need to be establish to force the law in this situation? Please, answer. I can help you with that!

  122. Hello all,
    I've just been reading thru those comments and this is just horrible!
    Apparently these psychic/psychokinetic attackers don't just harrass, torture and rape people. They also seem to try to control the reactions of their victims and manipulate what concepts they use when rationalizing about this.
    Please, DONT BELEIVE A WORD from those attackers. Not a word!

  123. Hi, thank you Thomas for the articles and videos. I started reading/listening in the last week.

    My question: how do you know if you have inadvertently been a psychic attacker? I know you are saying the attacker is a jealous moron... I have suspected psychic attack several times, but I have also wondered if I have had a hand in two people's tragedies which occurred within a week of them hurting me terribly. I would say they definitely did not deserve to have their lives ruined, but my emotions were very intense in my early 20s, but it wasn't jealousy, it was grief. Now I would like to know how to not inadvertently hurt anyone. I practice meditation now and am much calmer, so hopefully it's not an issue, but I'm curious.

    2nd question. Many of the symptoms you describe cross over with conditions that could be caused by physical health problems, such as hypothyroidism, chronic toxicity from heavy metals, chemicals, mycotoxins, leaky gut, malnutrition from a processed food diet, liver disease... how do you differentiate between a psychic attack and physical causes?

    1. Medical conditions should not be a major clue because this can falsely alarm many people. In the case of the psychic attack the target is your flow with the odds. If you are in a midst of a long lasting wave of unfortunate events your health will eventually deteriorate because of stress, anxiety, depression etc. Its just a symptom of you trying and failing at everything in life.

    2. To be honest I think life is nothing and cannot be failed if you are a loving soul. It is just the devil that want to hurt you and there is nothing one can do but to say NO until you eventually fall. Could be seen as the greatest win in life actually.

  124. Hi Anon, 18th April.

    That's an easy one - you get a full physical medical checkup.

  125. Been attacked by PVs three times, someone suggested rune of Tyr. Looked into Tattoos and got the rune. I am Psy vampire free, but according to my husband, there are worse things than a PV, like a Hollow.... there are no runes that repel hollows.....

  126. Well, as always no solution. You can scream of pain and watch the world have an easy life dumbly destroying everything. I am the only one I know who suffers every single day and night of hatred and psychic attack to the point that I can only scream of pain.

    Watching other people, who obviously are the problem as psychic attacks come from people, makes me even sicker. Just a bunch of retarded bastard that can only harm, destroy and do bad thing to whatever they touch with their pestilent and disgusting spirts.

    I am going to die from this soon. I am sure of that. I have nothing to tell to this stupid world fillen with idiots all sure of themselves that they are "winning" a psychic game where they have to harass and kill the innocent.

    Go on killing "Jesus" like being and perfect soul. There is nothing one can do to defend or flee from the devil you are.

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