Friday, 26 July 2013

Did Jimmy Savile Model his Image on Myra Hindley?

Myra Hindley (1965 Arrest Photo) - Jimmy Savile (1967 PR Photo) Savile never went back to being a brunette. This was the look he sported from 1967 until his death.


Jimmy Savile (1966)

I contend that Jimmy Savile was a psychopathic sex serial killer involved in some of the so called 'Yorkshire Ripper' murders, working in tandem with Peter Suthcliffe on at least one occasion; the killing of Irene Richardson in Leeds. Savile has also been implicated in the murders of two children during separate incidences in the 1990s. The media sensation surrounding the 'Moors Murderers' trial in 1966 may have inspired Savile to model his image on Myra Hindley and from this, Jimmy Savile then went on to become a serial killer. It is not outside the bounds of possibility (considering what has already been revealed about this monster) that Savile modelled ('copy-cat') his self-image on Hindley. This is not uncommon with psychopathic serial killers by any means. 

While it is true, that Savile did have his hair occasionally dyed blonde in early 1960s, and even sported a bizarre and rather revealing two-tone look at one point, however, when one observes how Savile styled his hair after 1966 - and especially in 67-70 - he adopted a look similar to Hindley's notorious 1966 mug shot. Savile also remained PERMANENTLY blonde after the Moors Murderers trial and beyond.

In his book In Plain Sight: The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile, British author Dan Davis brought to attention a section of Savile's notorious BBC interview in which Louis Theroux mentioned the Myra Hindley story to which Savile replied "I am the Myra Hindley story". 

Serial killers often emulate other famous psychopaths. Ian Brady was obsessed with the Nazi war criminal Dr Josef Mengele to the point that he actually started learning how to speak fluent German so he could 'feel' the sensations and power Mengele felt while he was torturing children. Savile not only is now confirmed as what was perhaps the most industrious paedophile in British history, but it has been also confirmed that he was also a necrophiliac who had sex with dead bodies in hospital morgues, played racing games with cadavers placed in wheelchairs - running them up and down corridors - and sported rings on TV which were made from the glass eyeballs taken from the dead bodies he was having sex with. 

Do some people actually believe that this kind of psychopathic depravity has a finite limit/stopping point which would remain within these vicious psychotic boundaries and then go no further... 

A cursory reading of the profiles of several famous serial killers will reveal that not only do these individuals have no 'comfort zone' so to speak, but historical evidence and criminal psychology profiling absolutely indicates that it would be more unlikely that Savile WAS NOT a serial killer and remained perfectly content with turning a hospital morgue into his own personal brothel/leisure centre. Yet, some people find the concept that Savile never progressed beyond some 70s 'slap and tickle' impossible to comprehend (mainly out of their ignorance of understanding the full depravity and ritualistic, almost OCD, nature of psychopathic serial killers) that Jimmy Savile may well have modelled the image he used for the rest of his life - as a sick tribute to Myra Hindley - in the same manner in which Ian Brady attempted to become a walking and murderous tribute to his own hero; the Nazi 'Angel of Death'. 

They are all the same. They are not like us. You can't apply popular conventions of logic and behavioural limitations upon creatures such as Jimmy Savile. The results of people doing this in the past, allowed monsters such as Jimmy Savile to get away with what they got away with. 

"He wouldn't do that...would he!!!" Keep telling yourself that folks.



  1. Very interesting connection and I agree he does look just like her there.
    In Wikipedia I read ~ quote~ "The full extent of Brady and Hindley's killing spree did not come to light until their confessions in 1985, as both had until then maintained their innocence up until then"

    I would like to know if there was anything happening to Jimmy Savile on that date 1985, or anything else that would make a connection to them all the sudden changing their tune and confessing after all that time from 1965 - 1985 some 20 years later just sees weird.

    1. Good point Lada. Very well noted.

    2. Hi Linda, The reason why they confessed to the murders of Pauline Reade and Keith Bennett in 1985 was due to Brady. Hindley was desperately trying to get parole and Brady didn't want this, so in revenge, he confessed that they had committed another two murders to stop any chance of her be granted parole. If it were not for these reasons, neither of them would of ever confessed.

    3. awesome information, class A x

  2. He looks so creepy his eyes remind me of two black holes- very much like Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy

  3. Today is the Day of All Saints and tomorrow is the Mexican Day of the Dead so I thought I would post on the topic of Sir James Saville and his recently deceased chauffeur Agent Smith.

    Jimmy Saville is the Joker in the Pack. Jokers are connected to the Eshu Clan and the Ghuedes but are not so funny - they can also hide the tears of the clown or the archetypal Saturnalian energy of the Lords of Misrule like the Joker.

    What people do not pay enough attention to is the CIGAR

    Sacred to the Cuban gods of death and an offering to the earth Gods. Its the sign unconsious/consious sign that Sir James was working with archetypal forces or the Outer Church or Government of Shadows. Those that use the power of shadows/deep unconscious fears to support those that stand in the light.

    The Outer Church uses hetorgenous power (deep unconcious forces) to support homogeneous power (conscious rule of loa/law).

    Trangression is essential to preserve order and Sir James transgressions are important ritual moments that validate and empower law on many levels.

    In other words it is as important to govern through the unconcious by manipulating fear of the realms state/non state actors as it is to govern the conscious by manipulating love of this realms state and non state actors.

    The realm/rem-state must manipulate the attractive and repulsive in the same moment and Sir James understood this. This is the SECRET of his power as a person and archetype.

    Pluto and Plutonian transgression has a role in supporting governance.

    Sir James, now dead, is part of the accursed but his work on the subconscious fears of the nation has done its job - as the cliche goes often its better for the inner state to be feared than to be loved and Sir James represents both sides of one minted coin much loved much feared in the same moment.

    May the ruffian cly he

  4. That's because they knew each other in the 60s and we have that evidence too.. and the work we do shows that they linked.. Brady and Hindley were part of some ring that paid its way for them.. The Studio of the BBC was not far from an area children went missing from 1958.. I know that the symbolism of the mugshot shows the illuminati and mind control programmes that Brady and Hindley included.. the signs are all through their albums.. @ The Secret Key to the Moors Murders on Facebook I have videos on you tube also showing my work and how we have found more .. Erica Gregory

  5. I can share the link with your page and looking at what you write about , you will see I am right.. I have worked on Brady for 3.5 years and his book the Gates of Janus holds the key to his victims ..


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  8. 'It is conceivable that' is not the same as 'this happened'. Interesting speculation but no real substance to it, just guesswork.

  9. The main reason that Brady is (allegedly) still locked up and pumped full of drugs.
    To be wheeled out even now and then to create a diversion or to keep up the fear factor.
    There are worse than him walking the streets.

  10. Did you model yours on a tramp?

  11. Are you still foraging in garbage bins?

  12. Jimmy Saville, knew both Myra Hindley and Ian Brady well. Jimmy visited Brady in Prison on more than one occassion.

  13. I know an ex-coppers wife that told me a story...
    There was a car crash in bexhill on sea some years ago, her husband arrived and it seemed to be Hindley...she didn't want to share insurance details...

    1. Interesting, because when she was interned at Cookham Wood Prison, its known that she used to be taken on 'days out'.

  14. What if , Hindley was actually played by Saville , im guessing they were one and the same in pictures ??