Sunday, 14 January 2018

I Am Not Bothered By Scientology At All

I suppose the turning point came while watching that horrifically bad Louis Theroux documentary entitled My Scientology Movie. It came across as not only a poorly made, and cringingly trite English Public Schoolboy level smug fest, but just plain old shitty. A nasty polemic in which he could impress the audience in an extremely patronising manner.

If it were any other religion or group, it would be considered just vicious bigotry and little else. Because it is Scientology, it's ok. There was a time in the USA when Catholicism was the 'anti-semitism' of the Liberals and the chattering classes. Now, it is Scientology. Yet, what is Scientology's great crime against humanity?

Com'on...I'm waiting...?

The Cathars were the Scientology of the Middle Ages in Some Respects
"When Bram fell in 1210, 100 prisoners had their noses cropped, their lips cut off and their eyes gauged out. One man was left with one eye so that he could guide the others away. With a hand on the shoulder of the one in front, and the one-eyed man at their head, a file of blind prisoners wound its way to Lastours (Cabaret), a visible demonstration of the ineffable mercy of God's Christian Army."

As a Pagan, I am acutely aware that just below the shim of Christian civilisation and tolerance, is a murderous and genocidal nature profoundly vicious to anything outside the accepted orthodoxy of Christian dogma. After watching the Louis Theroux documentary, I had to ask myself. "Is what I am seeing any different than the Swedish Crusades which exterminated the last of the Pagans of Eastern Prussia? Is this any different than the Albigensians Crusade which exterminated the Cathars of Southern France with ferocious murderous bigotry and hatred?"

The only answer I could come up with - when honestly asking myself this question is - "No, there is no difference." Why is one religious organisation worthy of hatred and endless ridicule and another is not?

Further to this. Where are the
Scientology suicide bombers and knife killers? There are none. Did Scientology folks slaughter over a hundred young people in the Bataclan? Did Scientology people nail bomb children in the Manchester Arena? Is Scientology throwing Gay men off buildings for public sport?
So why am I expected to attack a religion who is not attacking me, my ancestors, or the society I live in?

Sorry, I am not buying this '
Scientology is the ultimate evil' mantra anymore. I also like Tom Cruise as an actor and all the man has ever done is entertain us. Yet, I am expected to hate him because of the spiritual path he has taken in life? Really?

There was a time I fell for this '
Scientology is the root of all evil' crap. But not anymore. There are real religious monsters walking this earth and they are not trying to 'Go Clear', they are looking for 72 virgins in heaven.

Deal with it.